How to establish yourself as a writer in one easy step

Dyon J. Kaleuwee
3 min readApr 21, 2021


Rarely do you see a how-to written by an individual who has seldomly tried-to. Well, obviously this isn’t my first time touching a keyboard. Moreover, I’m currently earning my living through these illuminated black rectangles. You see, I’m a copywriter. For those who don’t know what that means, I basically write on behalf of brands & clients to make you realize a certain truth about them. If I do my job well, their image improves and they might sell more. If I don’t, there’s always the art director. But enough about that.

When I think of a writer, chances are I see what you see. A person with a nostalgically tormented, yet slightly hopeful expression in their eyes, glaring through expensive glasses, with a little to a lot of scruff depending on how ‘follically gifted’ they are and nine out of ten times suffering from terrible body posture. But I also think of sophistication, flair, guile and if i’m really in an optimistic mood: brilliance. I bet if you’ve already taken the time to read this far, you probably already have envisioned yourself being published one day. Perhaps you even manifested it, which is code for being pretentious about your to-be-career at parties towards people you haven’t known for longer than 10 minutes. But it’s the thought that counts.

So where to start? How do you transcend yourself from a face lit up by the blue light to a face in the limelight? It’s quite simple: I have no idea. Like you, I have been thinking about buying non-prescription glasses with a blue light filter so that I’ll actually start looking more like a writer. The thing is, we are being bombarded these days with how-to’s and life hacks up till the point where everyone is lost beyond manifestation. Here’s where I’m at: I wrote a short story that some people have seemed to like. I’ve gotten feedback about how I “should really do something with it”. Since I don’t know what something is, I have settled for anything. I have sent it out to friends, family & strangers, to see if I could calibrate where I’m at. Didn’t help. Then I figured, it’s just one story that I wrote a couple of years ago, that might not even embrace who I think I am as a writer anymore, although it does as a person. That brings us up to speed. To where we are now. You and me, behind that bright screen of ours.

We’re here, because I decided: in order to establish myself as a writer, I should write. No big brain stuff right? Forget trending topics, forget mediocrity and especially forget about being taken seriously. For now I’ve concluded that I will only be an established writer, as long as I establish my writing. So while the tips of my fingers are forcibly converting brain sparks into readable content, I’m right where I should be: writing a pretentious article while the tab for the non-prescription glasses still linger in the corner. They’re Moscot’s by the way. Really expensive, but I think they’ll do the job at the next party.

Writer, nay model wearing Moscot glasses,